7 amazing and inspiring art print ideas

7 amazing and inspiring art print ideas

Discover 7 amazing and inspiring art ideas for your home. These art prints are unusual and sure to inspire some quick and easy design ideas to spruce up your interiors and make them feel a little more personal. If you have any questions about what you see below, make sure to drop me an email at mail@artprintsforthehome.com.

  1. Choose Something local to you.

I think it’s amazing if we can feel closer to our communities through the art we choose to hang on our walls. In my first flat that had a sea view I used to scour charity shops looking for those deep 3-d box frames so I could frame my favourite shells that I would find when walking the beach. I swapped them out all the time and it became this evolving homage to the beautiful beach just outside the window. I came across a German company who are making art out of their community in an amazing way. They’re called Raubdruckerin and the work they are doing is simply incredible. Being from a relief printing background myself I can’t sing their praises highly enough. They are using eco-friendly ink to paint up manhole covers and then pressing t shirts and bags over them to create incredible designs.

The best thing about this, is that  they are instantly iconic, and people will walk over them every day without realising the world of design just below their feet.

  1. Choose something with unusual composition

I love anything that sticks out immediately, and unusual composition is a sure-fire way to make this happen. We’re programmed to expect things a certain way, and inclined to correct mistakes when we seem them. If you walked into someone’s house and everything was normal other than the fact that there was a rug perfectly affixed to the ceiling and no one was saying anything about it, it would drive you mad. Now without nailing a rug to your ceiling there are other ways to make things stick out in your room whilst maintaining a nice décor. A simple thing to do is hang art that appears to be upside down. The print of a cat below by Mini & Maximus is amazing for just that reason. In a world of cat posters this one cuts right through noise in its sleek black style and contrasting white iconic ‘meow’ text. A wonderful example of how a simple composition change can really make something stick out in a wonderful way.

  1. Have your family make something special

When I was a kid my mum would frame just about anything to encourage me to be more arty. Not just hang it on the fridge or pin it on the wall, frame it. She’d take down one of her many paintings and use it to frame the picture of Santa that I had just drawn and soon enough the house was filled with drawings and pictures and paintings of all sorts. So naturally I love the idea of including your family when putting art on your walls. I found this wonderful image on Decoist that shows with the correct colour scheme and volume of work this can really transform a room into a wonderful expression of creativity. The best way to go about this, is to treat the drawings like they are million pound pieces of artwork. Go elaborate on the frames and mount the work within them. When presented properly, absolutely anything can be classed art. I particulally love the chevron style print below.

  1. Enter the 4th dimension

There is so much to love about Phoebe Boufay’s art pieces from the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I always wanted one just for how absolutely crazy they were, but what I love most is that they enter the fourth dimension. It’s so explosive and ugly that it cannot be contained within the frame and it need to leap out and attack every sense you have. Now I understand that art isn’t for everyone, but there are some wonderful examples of how this can be done that are quite unique, though you do need to be careful that what you end up doing doesn’t come off as tacky.

Phoebe Buffay Friends PaintingItalian sculptor Matteo Pugliese lives and works in Milan. His bronze sculptures of men, often made from multiple components, appear to be trapped in the wall

  1. Include the wall

This is more about how you hang your print rather than the artwork itself but there is a lot to be said for unique frames and hanging methods. I love the example below, it’s modern and unusual and you can very easily set it up in a rented apartment without having to worry about drilling into a wall or hanging anything too heavy. Best to keep unprotected work like this out of harms way, so not anywhere with a lot of footfall like a hallway or near a door entrance. You can make awesome displays with just some pins and coloured wool. Perfect for changing around too and keeping your art print and postcard collection changing and growing. Just don’t get obsessive with it, because you may end up with something that looks like it’s coming straight out of a conspiracy theory movie!

Cool Picture Hanging IdeasA beautiful mind, russel crowe, conspiracy movie, map room

  1. Frame your old love letters

If you’re anything like me, then you have a big box filled with precious memories that you never want to forget, and the box keeps growing and it’s got to the point where there is too much stuff to look through and now the very thought of going through it has became this huge unsurmountable job. Okay, so maybe that’s a little more about me than you…but I think you get the jist. My point is, why keep all these things hidden away at the bottom of some chest. Get them out and let them breath and remind you of lovely moments in your life. It might even inspire you to put pen to paper and do something creative or remind someone you love them. There is always a good reason to write someone a heartfelt message.

Framed Love Letters, Art Print IdeasFramed Love Letters 2, Cool Art PRint IDeas

  1. Vinyl’s not just for playing.

Did you know charity shops are literally brimming with awesome artwork? If you love the vintage artwork that comes with old records and you have a love for the classics then you can easily decorate your home with tons of cool record sleeves. It creates an instant vintage look and feel to your home and is perfect for creative spaces and studios. Another great idea is to get a hold of your favourite songs and frame them up as a monument to them, or give them as a gift to someone who you share a meaningful song with. I absolutely love the artwork that goes with big 12” and 7” records. The size is perfect for displaying and there is always such wonderful detail in each sleeve.

cool music style bedroom ideas, record music decoration, interesting art print designcool art print idea, cool art print frame, record music frame

Well I hope you have liked this list and I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on more cool ideas for art prints.

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